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Aqua Natal and Baby and Toddler Swim Classes

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Bath, Somerset and Wiltshire Baby Swim

Baby swim classes running in this area



Our swim sessions are relaxed, gentle and child led. We follow the Birthlight method,
teaching you holds and movements, which will not only encourage your baby to
move freely in the water but also increase both your's and your baby's
confidence. There is no strict regime, instead we progress with your child by
allowing them to lead and only progress when they are physically and
emotionally ready.


Each class is run in a relaxed atmosphere and the main focus is for child and parent bonding.
Whilst teaching water safety and confidence is of paramount importance, we do of course have lots of fun using numerous toys, floats, games and songs.



Our classes involve:

  • Gentle approach: Enhancing bond and attachment between the child and parent.
  • Child led: Promoting freedom in the water at the right time enables confidence to flourish.
  • Repetition: Repetition of activities encourages learning.
  • Baby and child development: Rolling, sitting, standing and walking each offer an opportunity in the water which is characterised by certain reflexes and enhances the development of your child.
  • Focusing on safety: Every child will be taught the importance of safe behaviour around water and in the water.
  • Having fun for both babies, toddlers and parents

A baby's natural reflexes enable them to be underwater safely for short periods of time. This is known as submersion and when practised correctly, offers enjoyment and freedom for the baby and child. We do practice this technique in our classes but we do not focus heavily on submersion like some other swim classes and we will only teach this if you as a parent are comfortable. We believe that a baby or child should only be submerged when they are fully engaged and should not be forced but encouraged in accepting this practice.


Benefits of baby/toddler swim

  • Enhances bonding and relaxation
  • Improves eating and sleeping patterns
  • Awareness of safety around water and the pool environment
  • Exercise for parent and child whilst having fun!
  • Research shows that babies who attend classes regularly are far better developed socially,
    mentally and physically

Our Class Age Groups

- Tiny baby level one - 0 - 6 months 

- Tiny baby level two -  has complete Tiny baby one or is 6 months - 9 months 

- Beginners - 9 months to 18 months and has complete at least three terms of Tiny baby

- Toddlers - Two years plus 

- Toddlers Advanced the teacher will advise when your little one is ready for this level. 


We also hold postnatal Aqua Yoga and baby swim together to give mums the opportunity to do
postnatal exercises and introduce baby to the water in the same class. 


Winter term 

Three ways School Bath

Wednesday 22nd November - 21st February 

(no class 20th and 27th December and 3rd January 


Spring Term

Three ways School Bath

Wednesday 28th February - 16th May 

(No class 28th March and 4th April)


Postnatal and Baby Swim Combined  Classes  running in this area

Three ways school Bath 

Wednesdays at 5.15pm 


Please email Lorna at Lorna@aquatic

or call Lorna on 07879428313



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