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Ante Natal Aqua Yoga Sundays and week days

Water is therapeutic and supportive and acts as a great medium for you if you are pregnant, allowing you to stretch and breathe more than you are capable of on dry land. Yoga relaxes the mind and promotes energy, deep breathing, balance and relaxation. Combined they offer an excellent workout for you emotionally and physically to prepare for the birth of your baby


The aims of Antenatal aqua yoga

  • Allowing the body to feel virtually weightless
  • Opens the pelvis in preparation for birth
  • Expands breathing capacity which will also assist whilst giving birth
  • Control the pelvic floor muscles so that they can be relaxed whilst giving birth
  • Practice of deep stretches that may be unachievable on land
  • Stretch and strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles
  • Full relaxation allowing time to connect with your baby and release any worries or anxiety
  • Using gentle rotations in the water to turn breach, back to back or transverse babies.


In each class relaxation is practiced which allows you to let go of any anxiety and troubles you may have. Floating is an effective way to learn how to relax during pregnancy and is an essential tool in day to day pregnancy and labour. Floating devices are used so that full relaxation can be achieved.


Aqua yoga exercises lengthens the lower back and tones the pelvic ligaments and leg muscles; this ensures the correct progressive adjustment of the pelvis throughout pregnancy.


During all stages of pregnancy movements such as rolling and looping of the hips help to open the pelvis, lengthen the spine and strengthen knee and ankle joints. All of these movements are made easier in water and can help to relieve backache. 


Antenatal Yoga classes can be attended from early stages of your pregnancy and continued until 40+ weeks. Spaces are limited to just ten ladies per session and so booking is essential for both Ante and Post natal.


To secure your place please call Hayleigh on 07789 852 729

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