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When your baby is born... Combined aqua natal and baby swim sessions

After giving birth, aqua yoga exercises help to realign and ‘close the body’, as well as toning and strengthening the muscles of the lower back and pelvis. Water is a great healer of the perineum and is a medium which assists with toning the pelvic floor muscles.


Aqua yoga combined with the transformation of birth and the fulfillment of being a mother, can bring strength and stamina to any new mum.

The aims of postnatal aqua yoga are:

  • Realigning the spine and strengthening the spinal muscles
  • Toning and strengthening the abdominal muscles
  • Regaining full tone of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Energising and relaxing the body without strain
  • Toning your body in a supported environment
  • Gaining confidence to swim with your baby


Realigning the spine after pregnancy is necessary. Aqua yoga uses deep breathing which is an essential part of land and Aqua yoga. Relaxed stretches and simple adapted yoga poses are used which are easier and safer in water than on land.


When practiced with deep breathing, standing twists and rolling movements will assist in achieving back your waistline. As with all Yoga poses breathing with each posture or movement is key to achieving maximum benefit from these exercises.


How soon after birth can I start?

Classes can be attended once bleeding has stopped and you have made your doctor or midwife aware (ensure you advise them it is aqua yoga as this is a much lower impact exercise than land yoga)


Postnatal and Baby swim combined classes:

We hold our combined post natal and baby swim classes in warms pools which are ideal for newborns, they give mums the opportunity to do post natal exercises in the water whilst their little ones sit safely in their car seats watching mum in the pool. We then bring baby into the pool for more gentle exercise and moves and some lovely relaxing swimming holds introducing baby to the water.


Spaces are limited so booking is essential.


Classes are held at the Penny Porter Clinic In Henbury on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday lunch time at Bristol North pool Gloucester Road


If you would like more information please email me at or to secure your place or call me on

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