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About our aqua natal classes

Our Birthlight aqua natal pregnancy exercise classes are recommended by the Royal college of Midwifes (RCM). Our classes offer a relaxed environment in warm pools allowing you to enjoy each stage of your pregnancy, learn beneficial breathing practices, meet other expectant mums, and find time for you and your unborn baby.

Yoga movements and specialist rotations have been adapted making them achievable and comfortable for pregnant women. These specialised movements can be very beneficial if you are suffering from backache, pelvis pain (SPD, PGP) and other pregnancy related symptoms. You do not need to have practised yoga, aqua natal or be a swimmer to join us.

Breathing exercises:

To train the muscles of the pelvis providing a powerful tool for labour which has many benefits for mother and baby as well as a more natural birth.


Using the natural buoyancy of the water supported by floats, offering weightlessness, relaxation and timeout for busy mummies to be giving them well earned “you” time in the water.

Breach, transverse and back to back babies:

We can also offer gentle movements and rotations that can encourage babies to turn, and we have successfully turned many babies to the correct birthing position, allowing mothers to birth their baby naturally.


Everyone in the class will be on the same exciting path in motherhood. Our classes will provide full support to both mums-to-be and new mums whilst giving an opportunity to get to know other mums-to-be in the group. Some great friendships have developed through the years. Many mums and their baby’s carry onto our baby swim classes right through to primary school age.


When can I start pregnancy classes?

You are able to start aqua natal yoga at any time in your pregnancy; however, we do advise after your 12 weeks scan is the best time right through to 40+ weeks.

Which pools do we hold our aqua natal classes and baby swim classes?

Classes are held in a lovely spa and hydrotherapy pools around Bristol and South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Please refer to Our Pools for more info.

How long are the classes?

Antenatal classes are 45 minutes.

What shall I bring to aqua natal?

You will be sent full confirmation but please bring, your swimming costume, a full bottle of water to consume, towel, shampoo etc, warm hat for the winter months, hair tied up please, Aquatic Harmony forms completed, plastic bag for wet costume.

How many people are there in an aqua natal class?

Maximum of six in the majority of our pools and ten ladies in larger pools.

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