About our baby to preschool swimming classes.

Aquatic Harmony baby to preschool swimming lessons follow the internationally acclaimed Birthlight programme which has decades of research and development in baby and toddlers swimming. We teach you as a parent; holds and skills, which encourage your little one to move freely in the water, grow with confidence and gain water survival skills.

Aquatic Harmony baby and toddler classes involve:

  • Gentle approach: Enhancing bond and attachment between the child and parent.
  • Child led Swimming: Promoting freedom in the water at the right time enables confidence to flourish.
  • Repetition: Repetition of activities encourages learning, development and
  • Baby and child development: Rolling, sitting, standing and walking each offer an opportunity in the water which is characterised by certain reflexes and enhances the development of your child.
  • Water safety: Every child will be taught the importance of safe behaviour around water and in the water.

Why baby swimming

  • Enhances parent and child bonding
  • Improves baby’s eating and sleeping patterns
  • Safety around water and pool environment awareness
  • Exercise for parent and child whilst having fun!
  • Babies who attend swimming are more socially, mentally and physically developed.
When can I start pregnancy classes?

You are able to start aqua natal yoga at any time in your pregnancy; however, we do advise after your 12 weeks scan is the best time right through to 40+ weeks.

Which pools do we hold our aqua natal classes and baby swim classes?

Classes are held in a lovely spa and hydrotherapy pools around Bristol and South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Please refer to Our Pools for more info.

How long are the classes?

Antenatal classes are 45 minutes.

What shall I bring to aqua natal?

You will be sent full confirmation but please bring, your swimming costume, a full bottle of water to consume, towel, shampoo etc, warm hat for the winter months, hair tied up please, Aquatic Harmony forms completed, plastic bag for wet costume.

How many people are there in an aqua natal class?

Maximum of six in the majority of our pools and ten ladies in larger pools.

About Aquatic Harmony

Hello, I am Hayleigh welcome to Aquatic Harmony’s website.

How we came about…

Whilst pregnant with my daughter in 2010, I discovered the benefits of both Antenatal Yoga and also the weightlessness of swimming.

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